Salma Hayek coming soon with skincare line

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Selma Hayek while talking to some media has announced she will be creating her own anti-aging skincare line that will be sold in drugstores near in future.She is inspired by her late Grandmother, Maria Luisa, for which the line will be named after her.

salma hayek
And she says like this :

“I’m trying to develop a line with a drugstore so that it is affordable for everyone. We’ve researched for two to three years. My grandmother was a cosmetologist and she used to make her own creams, but my whole approach is how can we get the essence of the really expensive ones, but for everyone to be able to afford.”

“When she died at 96, of course her skin had sagged, but she didn”t have any wrinkles. She made her own creams using secret ingredients you can only find in Latin America.”

How worth will be the skincare line , lets see and wait to come.


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