Lil Kim Before and After Plastic Surgery

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These days lots and lots of surgery happens, some goes good and some bad, but all the things depend upon how you going to take care of your surgery.

Lil Kim Before and After
Lik Kim, one of the surgery victim, she looks good but she was better in past. She is top search in google these days.Most of the people say that Lil Kim did her cheek surgery during her jail time. She looks terrible with a brow lift, her nose carved down and a blowfish cheeks.

Lil Kim Before and After
She used to be beautiful once. Now, she appears to be a nice case of Plastic Surgery gone wrong of a plastic surgery addict.She appears to have a massive cheek implants, placed by a cosmetic surgeon who either didn’t know what he or she was doing, or unfortunately didn’t care.

Lil Kim Before and After
Lil Kim is appearing on the eight season of the reality show dancing with the Stars paired with professional dancer Derek Hough. Who had nothing but compliments for the hip-hop star.

ccording to Derek, he was happy that Lil Kim surpassed his expectations and he thinks she will surprise a lot of people. She is so unbelievably nice and intuitive. A great student and He loves working with her.

Lil Kim Before and After


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