Hair Tips Every Girl Should Know

Hair Tips Every Girl Should Know

Lily - I’ve got three easy tips for healthy hair besides the ones above:

Wash your hair with cold water. Hot or warm absorbs into the hairs cuticle, causing it to swell up so when your hair dries it will be frizzy and brittle. On the other hand, when cold water is absorbed into the cuticle, it will not make the cuticle swell up. As a result your hair will be shinier and smoother.

 When you’ve got some free time (whoever does, though!) lie on your bed, couch, or chair with your head upside down and your hair hanging over the side of the furniture. Gently massage your scalp. Does it feel funny? It should. This movement will stimulate the hair follicle, and could possibly help your hair to grow longer and stronger.

 Use a satin or silk pillowcase. Cotton is soft, yes, but when your hair rubs up against it while you sleep it causes friction, therefore causing breakage and split ends. Simple enough. Silk, or satin, (which btw is less costly) should both cause less friction and therefore prevent those two calamities for forming. I hope this helped! If you already knew this, good for you! If you didn’t, you’re on your way to lovelier, healthier hair! - Lily

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